5.1 Security Review Report

The deliverables provided will include the following:

  • Management Summary – Includes a summary of the key security threats & business risks and an overview of the security level of the overall platform. The report will include details related to the project approach, scope of work, key findings and recommendations.

This detailed report will describe each breaches and attack scenarios discovered and the probability of exploitation. The impact of each vulnerability and the possible damage that may be caused to Online Intelligence will be evaluated and described.

Each finding is outlined, assigned a priority level and be accompanied with a clear set of recommendations for their mitigation. The report will contain details of the type of testing performed and specify the domain to which each finding relates.

These include:

5.2 Findings Scaling Description

During the test, each finding is classified according to its severity level that reflects the risk to the organizational processes or business operational activity (as per the Security Assessment Objectives