Intact brings skills solution to the South African channel

Specialist distributor Intact Software Distribution is bringing Skills on Demand (SODA), an on-demand supplier of professional services covering security, virtualisation, cloud, networking and data centres, to the South African market. According to Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact, SODA is an ideal solution for customers who are looking for a specific skill or service for a certain period of time.

The SODA gateway harnesses the potential of under-utilised skills found within the channel and white-labels or rebrands these services for resale to other SODA partners or customers, on demand, and on a global scale. “SODA’s professional services are certified, cross-platform and brand, and are vendor endorsed,” he says. “The sheer number of solutions needed to move, store, manage, secure and virtualise data in today’s complex environments puts technology partners under enormous pressure to have the necessary skills in place to cover all these areas, and be able to service their customers.”

Having these skills in house has been the norm, he says, as they are needed to fulfil contractual agreements with vendor partners and clients, and this translates into excess or under-utilised skills within the channel. “Of course, this cost is transferred up the line to the customer at the end of the day. Moreover, excess skills come with other challenges, such as retention, and operational costs.”

He says there aren’t many resellers who can afford the economies of scale needed to hold professional service skills across all brands, technologies and platforms on a permanent basis. “SODA allows these businesses to fill any gaps in their skillsets as an when they are needed, and only for as long as they are needed.”

Campbell-Young says SODA captures, vets and consolidates all these skills onto its gateway, enabling resellers and customers to find and utilise skills and services on demand, as they need them, and anywhere, irrespective of whether under their own brand, or as a white-label service.

In terms of the technologies that SODA services, he says the company covers security, cloud, networking, virtualisation and storage. These cover areas such as software applications, convergence, BI and analytics, CRM, accounting, and IoT too.

“SODA is an ideal fit for us as we centre our offerings around customer satisfaction and providing all-round peace of mind to our clients. SODA will help us on that journey. Intact has the knowledge and experience of the South African market, and is well positioned to bring all the benefits that SODA offers to South African customers,” concludes Campbell-Young.

Intact to distribute F-Secure regionally

Intact Software Distribution will now be the official South African distributor of the F-Secure range of security software solutions.

F-Secure is a Finnish cyber security and privacy company listed on the Nasdaq OMX – Helsinki. It has 25 offices worldwide in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Michael Dahl, region head of F-Secure, says the company is looking to grow its footprint across the continent and a distribution partner will offer local clients a range of both its home and business security products.

“With research showing an increasing number of sophisticated and targeted attacks against businesses, the need for a holistic approach to cyber security is at an all-time high. Cyber security comes down to predicting and preventing breaches, detecting any incidents that occur, and then responding intelligently and quickly to lessen their impact. This takes a combination of human expertise and software scalability, which we are able to offer. We are happy to join forces with a company that provides expertise in implementing cyber security solutions tailor-made to defend customers from the latest threats.”

Lutz Blaeser, MD of Intact, says the company is proud to be the first official distributor. “The products have historically been managed in the region via direct engagement with ISA, which is effectively a reseller, which was managing the brand from a distribution perspective.”

Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact, adds the deal is in line with the company’s strategy of providing a complete range of security software solutions to the local market. “F-Secure employs a ‘live security’ approach that combines advanced technology and the latest lessons and insights its team of cyber security specialists bring back from real-world situations. This means its products continually and consistently improve users’ ability in the four dimensions that are vital to IT security: predict, prevent, detect and respond.”

In October, Intact won the rights to distribute Retrospect’s backup and recovery complete hybrid data protection for small and medium businesses. Retrospect provides data backup and recovery software for Windows and Mac across various sectors such as healthcare organisations, legal practitioners and financial institutions, departments in large corporations, universities, and government offices.

A Juniper Research report, “The Future of Cybercrime & Security: Enterprise Threats & Mitigation 2017-2022“, found data breaches will have cost global business a total of $8 trillion in fines, lost business and remediation costs over the next five years. It added that global cyber security spend will reach nearly $135 billion in 2022, up from an estimated $93 billion this year.”

The distribution deal became effective this week and will commence with Sub-Saharan African countries.

By , Portals journalist
Johannesburg, 6 Jun 2017

Intact Software Distribution wins Retrospect distribution rights

Intact Software Distribution has won the rights to distribute Retrospect’s backup and recovery complete hybrid data protection for small and medium businesses.

Intact Software Distribution is a dedicated IT security software distributor focusing on providing a full range of security software solutions, coupled with the service performance and know-how of an experienced and specialised solution provider. “We are perfectly placed to grow the Retrospect brand in South Africa, as we have offices and warehouses statically placed to serve all our customers,” says Lutz Blaeser, MD of Intact Software Distribution.

He adds that Intact Software Distribution offers a robust channel network and solid partnerships, making it easy for the company to offer affordable and usable software to the market. “We have a highly efficient distribution network in place, and have become a top security distributor, with well-developed processes, infrastructure and corporate governance.”

Retrospect backup and recovery software for Windows provides businesses of all types and sizes with peace of mind. “Healthcare organisations, legal practitioners, financial institutions, auto repair shops, restaurants, departments in large corporations, universities, and government offices, can rest assured knowing their digital assets are safe.”

According to Blaeser, Retrospect’s enterprise level features offer local and offsite backups, precise point-in-time restores, file-level de-duplication, VMware integration, iOS remote management of multiple backup servers, end-user-initiated restores, and industry-leading customer support – all with no dedicated IT staff required to manage it.

“Intact is delighted to have won the Retrospect distribution rights. These products are best in class, and a perfect addition to our stable,” he adds. “Our excellent customer service and top performance, combined with our excellent staff, strategies, networks and logistics, have seen us perfectly placed to promote our vendors in South Africa.  We are sure that this partnership will be a long and beneficial one.”

Retrospect supports cloud backup to Dropbox

Intact Software Distribution, distributor of the Retrospect range of backup, recovery, and hybrid data protection solutions, has announced that Retrospect now supports cloud backup to Dropbox.

“Dropbox has around 500 million users worldwide, and it is the most requested cloud storage provider for Retrospect,” says Lutz Blaeser, MD of Intact Software Distribution.
“With Retrospect 11.5 for Windows and Retrospect 13.5 for Mac, users can now protect their data offsite in a Dropbox account. Users who have not already signed up for Dropbox can open an account for free, that includes 2GB of storage space.”
Retrospect provides complete protection with backup, archive, and duplicate features built in. It intelligently backs up only the unique files that it doesn’t already have, and saves a complete point-in-time file listing of every backup. This means that Retrospect always restores exactly the files that belong on a volume; no unwanted files get restored and later require clean-up.
Blaeser adds that Retrospect’s new dashboard provides a high-level view of the entire state of the backup environment. This allows users to see at a glance what backups are running, how much has been backed up in the last week per day, which computers aren’t protected, and the state of the storage, among other things.
Over and above Dropbox support, this release adds server configuration management, cloud certifications for AWS Mumbai, Swisscom, and Cloudian, as well as certifications for the latest software updates: Windows Server 2016, Windows SQL Server 2016, Windows Server Core, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and macOS Sierra.
Blaeser says Retrospect allows users to protect their entire environments on-site on disk and tape or off-site in the cloud on Dropbox as well as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and a host of other cloud storage providers. However, those running older systems need not fear, as Retrospect is continuing to support these systems, such as Windows XP and OS X Snow Leopard, ensuring users are completely covered in the event of accident, failure, or disaster.
Retrospect 11.5 for Windows and Retrospect 13.5 for Mac are free updates for Retrospect 11 for Windows and Retrospect 13 for Mac customers and are available now for download.